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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Candidate for Goddess
*ANYTHING* production related. Very High
Clamp Gakuen Tantei Dan
Nokoru - wearing *HIS* baseball outfit. ::most extreme of fangirl sighs:: ;;;___;;; Will Give Kidney
Nokoru - from the OP, this scene. Doesn't matter if Suoh and Akira layers are included, but would be nice. Very High
Nokoru and Casblanca together. Anything, but one from this scene would be especially nice. ^_^ Very High
Suoh - wearing his baseball outfit. Please? ^^; Very High
Nokoru - A nice cel of him holding his fan, especially if it's spread open. High
Nokoru-neko. Please? ^^; High
Hunter x Hunter
Kurapica - nekkid with chains all around Very High
- Groups
Kohaku - pan cels especially. Very High
Key the Metal Idol
Tsurugi - this cel would be ideal *evil grin* But any from when he's on the phone with Key. Very High
Tsurugi - looking mental ;) High
Kaite Very High
Watership Down
Blackavar. Preferably a cel, but a production sketch would do nicely also. High
Captain Campion High
Noa - *anything* .. this specific scene would be more than ideal. ;) *wilts* Will Give Kidney
Bakura. Anything. Most desired? One where he's looking especially wicked. Very High
Human Marik - ANYTHING Very High
Jounouchi - wearing the dog costume. MWUAHAHAHAAA!!! ^___^ Very High
YuuYuu Hakuho
Mitarai - in blue *school outfit* Will Give Kidney
Jin - wearing BLUE (not white!) gi Very High
Mitarai and Shizuru together. Any. Very High
Mitarai - always looking for more cels of him. ^_^ High

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